At Gatto Homes, we usually let our homes speak for themselves in terms of quality, finish and value for families.

However,our buyers have often been kind enough to give us excellent reviews and feedback on our new homes in Guelph and Oxford County. So, we've popped just a small selection of Gatto Home owners’ reviews here for your interest. Enjoy!


"Dear Oscar, Paolo, Guido

We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all your hard work in the coordination and building of our new home. From first meeting Oscar in your model home to the finishing of our house, everything has gone extremely well. The quality that you put into your homes is second to none. You can see the pride of your work in every aspect of our house. Every sub-trade that you use has just as much pride in their work as you do. We were very impressed to see that one of you was on the job site every day making sure things were done to your satisfaction. Your attention to even the most minute of details was very impressive.

We found everyone very helpful in all our selections and, Mario, your electrician was very very helpful in giving us ideas of where to put light and other electrical things that are needed in a house and things that we may want to do in the future.

We were also very impressed and grateful to Roseanne, Laura and her mother for the fantastic cleaning job they did before we moved in. The house looked absolutely beautiful and the cupboards, floors and bathrooms were absolutely spotless.

Thanks again for building us our dream home. We would recommend Gatto Homes to anyone who is in the market for building a new home

Brian and Janet Sharratt




"As first time homebuyers we had a ton of important questions to ask ourselves, and finally decided to buy brand new. This started the search for the proper builder. We wanted a quality, built to last home, that would serve our family for generation to come.

Gatto Homes was by far the best choice.

Gatto Homes being second generation family builders, a family building family homes, brings a lot of experience to the job. Their pride in the work they do, and the fact that they do care for each home and the lives they touch is clearly evident. Seeing is believing.

When touring a home under construction it became quite cleat that what was important to the Gatto’s were the same things important to us. Strong foundations, quality products and workmanship, and way above code standards… a house built to last.

With buying new we were able to do a custom build. Being new to the experience we ask for a lot, and they told us clearly what would and would not work. The Gatto’s worked the floor plan until we were both happy, and they were happy and confident they could deliver it. We loved all the changes they made and it did make the flow and aesthetics of the rooms so much better. Their experience made our dreaming a reality.

After it was all said and done it passed inspection with flying colours… We had our one year Terion inspection done by Mike Holmes Inspector. The few things on the list were fixed, but the most amazing thing was the inspector pointing out to us all of the things our builder does right.

If, like us, you believe you get what you pay for, then you will not be happier when choosing Gatto Homes to house your family. What price do you put on making your investment secure, safe, and to last a lifetime.

Thank you to the whole Gatto team for going above and beyond in making our home perfect for us.”

Happy Homeowners,
Todd and Shari Dennison

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